HubSpot VS ActiveCampaign

Both sides have their strengths

Benjamin Swee
3 min readJan 4, 2022


Recently I've been working with both CRMs for two different clients. And yes, of course, you can use them both together, but granted, it can get quite messy. I have to use a lot of zaps (Zapier) to make sure they are synced up well.

So which one is better? It depends. It depends on what exactly are your client's needs.

HubSpot can get costly quickly

Hubspot is all-in-one, and it does have many features when it comes to automation and marketing. However, it is also one of the most costly CRM's (if you want the most powerful features of course). Right now, I have the sales and marketing packages. It allows for a small team, assigns leads to people to work with, and fundamentally it is very powerful when filtering and working on one lead at a time.

ActiveCampaign's pro package is a bargain

Comparing the features you get, automation, email split testing, easy to use flow charts to do your emailing, ActiveCampagin gives you a lot. And, of course, automation is its main powerhouse. You can spend hours and hours setting up the perfect campaigns that feel personalized and can run evergreen. It's a set, and it's done.

Hubspot makes personalization easy

I get that we all love automation, but when it comes to working with leads one on one, seeing where they came from, getting precise data, sometimes it pays to be personalized. You don't have to see everyone as a number or their lifetime value. Is it scalable? No. Is it human? You bet! And people can tell.

The automation has taken over maybe too much. And right now, I think having a human reach out is the best. You can let automation take care of nurturing. Perhaps if they've ignored your sales team for a week, your automation can pick up a few bits. The lead has signed up for a value-packed newsletter and is expecting automation.

ActiveCampaign can be personalized but tough

Nothing can beat a human writing an email or calling a lead, nothing. But if I didn't have a human, I would choose ActiveCampaign. At the very least, it can sound like…



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