I Reset My Metabolism, This Is The Result

And the permanent effect it has had on my body

Benjamin Swee
3 min readDec 26, 2021


I was eating only 4 oz of lean meat, 4 oz of veg, 4 oz of fruit for six weeks, combined with intermittent fasting.

It's been about two months since I completed the metabolic reset. What started as a diet turned out to be a lifestyle change that has permanently benefited my life.

Changes in my habits, my physical body, changes in my decisions, and even my taste.

A summary of the reset

You start the reset off with a bang! Eat up, fuel up, and carb up. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet, and it was pretty challenging to eat. (no, seriously!) It was about eating nutrient-dense foods and letting your mind and body know that there is an abundance

Well, don't celebrate too much. Because shortly after, the reset begins. The rules are simple. Eat 4 oz of certain low-fat meats, 4 oz of veggies, and 4 oz of fruits every meal. I would weigh out everything, and trust me, 4 oz of fruits isn't a lot. It's just 2/3rds of a regular apple!

Everything else, oil, sugar, carbs, starches, dairy, are a no-go.

Talk about a spartan-style diet. There was also a short window where we could eat, which means this reset was mixed with intermittent fasting. We would fast for a window of 16 hours. And we would do this for six weeks.

Was it hell? Surprisingly, it was tough only the first week. As one would expect, cravings for anything went wild in the first week. I would want to eat anything carbs or starch. It's what my body wanted. Walking by a bakery was death. But I quickly realized in the second week that craving died off.

Three critical things happened to me during the reset

  1. My cravings quickly died, and I felt full from the 4 oz of meat, veggie, and fruits.
  2. I didn't notice a spike in energy, and I wasn't superman. But I felt mentally clear. I felt NO fatigue. Like my body could keep going.
  3. My taste changed. Since I had 0 sugar, I started to taste things very well. Veggies tasted better, and any fruit was like



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