Need Focus? Start Decluttering!

Benjamin Swee
3 min readNov 15, 2021
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Distraction is the enemy of focus. And trying to force yourself to stay focused, in my opinion, isn’t possible. Instead, you should focus on removing the distractions surrounding you, and your focus will naturally improve. When your focus improves, you can help your clients improve. You can write at a higher level and perform better overall.

So what do I mean by decluttering?

Clean your desk. Loose papers, pens, anything that isn’t needed and serves as a distraction. And, of course, dirty cups, dirty dishes, and overall trash. When there is less distraction in your peripheral vision, the more you can focus on your computer, writing, or your tasks.

Decluttering applies to your workstation as well

Meaning the apps on your computer. The tabs on your browser. The distractions such as videos, music, or games. The notifications that pop up and the emails that distract you. If you have control over it, make sure you mute your notifications during critical tasks.

Batcave mode

Not sure who came up with the term, but Batcave mode is when you turn off all distractions, potentially even your internet and just focus on yourself or enjoy some thinking time. During these phases of resetting yourself, you make discoveries in your business, get a creative boost, or even write better copy.

Declutter everything else in the house

It’s good to have a clean office. But it is even better if the rest of the home is also clean. This means that you don’t even need to be distracted when you go to the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom. You don’t need to waste bandwidth on trying to clean up some trash or wipe down the kitchen. Hire someone if it helps, the return on time is worth it.

Declutter relationships

Yeah, you didn’t expect this, did you? Taking the effort to declutter relationships is also a powerful way to help you stay focused. One of the biggest energy drains is a relationship that isn’t going smoothly. Maybe you need to take your partner out on a date or invest the time to make sure they feel appreciated.

Declutter your body

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