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The most powerful marketing tool? Tell the truth!

Benjamin Swee
2 min readDec 21, 2021


But why? Aren’t you supposed to lure, bait, throw hooks out there? Yes, you should, all good tactics, but it must be truthful, it must be transparent.

What about white lies?

If you want to start your prospect down a path on a lie, that’s on you. How about we leave all deception at the door and actually tell clients how you can help them. When I suggest this to my clients, I sometimes get pushed back along the lines of, but what if they take my material and run? I would say great, that means they found your material valuable, they might even share it with a few friends.

If your goal is to give max value, it should be completely fine if a few ideas were taken and used. Business owners and entrepreneurs need to get one thing clear. Don’t always expect money in return. Sometimes you give something now for a potential return in the future. But don’t expect it. Don’t rely on it.

How transparent should I be?

Transparency makes you human. Makes you real. But most importantly, it makes you relatable. No one wants to follow or buy from someone who is perfect. Because the key objection they would have is. Well, it's because you have money. Or, it's because you were born wealthy that is why you can do what you do.

For me, I would say expose your weaknesses. Only dabble a little bit on your strengths. Let people witness your strengths by getting to know you. Pure braggadocious campaigns don’t work.

But what about my private life?

No, you don’t have to share your weight, your shoe size or whatever else is private. Keep your private life to yourself. But there is a level of exposure that you will need to be comfortable with. Ideally, you show a bit of your family, some may be your spouse, Being comfortable with letting your audience know a bit about your private life adds tons to the reliability.

Sharing more about your kids and some of the struggles might immediately attract attention from other parents.

We tend to work with those we can connect with.

That’s it from me

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